Complete Streets

Complete Streets are streets designed for all users – whether walking, cycling, driving, or using public transportation, everyone deserves convenient and safe access to community destinations and public places, regardless of age, ability, and income. A Complete Streets design also considers the scale and appearance of the built environment, making different modes of transportation more attractive to pedestrians and other travelers.

The National Complete Streets Coalition launched in 2004 together with Smart Growth America, has led the push toward state and local adoption of Complete Streets policies. In 2014, the Florida Department of Transportation made the implementation of Complete Streets a statewide priority. To date, more than 1,000 state, regional, and municipal agencies have adopted Complete Streets policies, and each FDOT district in Florida has begun or completed a context classification of its roadways to develop more context-sensitive designs. Coordination between those who write policies, those who design and construct transportation environments, and those who use these streets in various ways can lead to a healthier built environment for all.